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2015 is on track to be a legendary vintage in Bordeaux

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According to Philippe Dhalluin, the general manager of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, 2015 could be an exceptional year (of the same order as the legendary 1982 vintage), if the dry and sunny weather persists in Bordeaux.

Interviewed by The Drinks Business Yesterday in London, where Dhalluin was hosting a Mouton Rothschild tasting, he explained that the weather this year had already ensured "a good vintage" and that if the forecasts for still dry and sunny weather were confirmed, this vintage could be " exceptional”.

"For the moment, everything is fine... But we need good weather until the end of the harvest [2-3 weeks], without the temperatures being too high because at the moment, the grapes is at a good level of maturity,” he explained, adding that the weather forecast for the next two weeks was “very good” in Bordeaux.

He then said: “I could be wrong, but I really think we already have a good vintage. I tasted grapes at Mouton on Friday, and on some vines they have reached a degree of ripeness that seems perfect. »

And to add: “But is it a very good vintage or an exceptional vintage? Well, I don't know that yet. »

Compared to the conditions of previous vintages, Dhalluin said that despite the extreme heat in Bordeaux in May, June and July, the 2015 vintage did not really resemble 2003, a year characterized by very high summer temperatures.

However, the harvest reminds him of certain great vintages for which dry and sunny weather had produced concentrated and balanced wines, such as the legendary 1982 vintage, as well as the 2005.

"This year is not like 2003. It's still early to tell, but it could be a 1982 or a 2005...unless it's a 1989," he said. affirmed.

Barely concealing his optimism about the quality of this year's harvest, he went on to explain: "The grape has a good level of acidity yet is so sweet… It's rare that it tastes so good so early. ; usually in early September it is very acidic with rough tannins, but not this year. I hope to see the birth of wines with very ripe tannins, dense and silky wines. »

In an e-mail sent yesterday to The Drinks Business, Olivier Bernard, the president of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, also suggests that the 2015 vintage could be of remarkable quality.

He writes: "It's been a few years since the Bordeaux region has seen such a fabulous vintage", although he adds that "a few weeks of suspense will be necessary before seeing if it keeps its promises".

Here is his full explanation of the 2015 Bordeaux:

May, June and July 2015 were among the hottest and driest on record. The water stress, so important in slowing down plant growth and ripening, started at the beginning of July and gave rise to a magnificent veraison at the beginning of August. I had not seen such an early and homogeneous veraison since 2009. By August 15, all our grapes had taken on color and a large part was already very dark. Fortunately, August was cooler and wetter, which restored some vigor to the vines.

 Dry white wines

The month of August allowed the grapes, especially those destined for white wines, to “breathe” and retain their freshness. The first bunches were picked at the end of August. Their juice is superb and the weather forecast for the next two weeks looks ideal. We are confident about the quality of this vintage.
Red wines

The Merlots will be harvested in the last ten days of September and the Cabernets in the first two weeks of October. The grape has exceptional potential, but it will still need six weeks without any major hitches.

Sweet white wines

Grapes of Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc gradually reach perfect maturity. As with all vintages, botrytis will be decisive. The conditions are favorable for its development.

September 8, 2015

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The Drinks Business

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