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France rises to the top of the world ranking of wine producers

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According to figures recently released by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), France is on the verge of taking Italy's place as the leading wine-producing nation.

Despite the considerable damage caused by hail on certain plots of vines in Burgundy and Languedoc-Roussillon, the 2014 harvest should allow France to produce 46 million hectoliters of wine, i.e. the equivalent of more than 6 billion bottles and about 10 % more than its production in 2013.

Thus, according to the OIV figures illustrated by Decanter.com above, the country would regain its place at the top of the ranking of wine producers.

France's main rival, Italy, is expected to produce only 44.4 million hectoliters of wine this year, 15 % less than in 2013. Rains have indeed slowed the development of the grapes in the north from the country.

Spain is in third place and should produce 37 million hectoliters this year, a figure down from the excellent production in 2013 (45 million hectoliters). Beyond the European continent, New Zealand reached a new record with an increase of 29 % compared to 2013 to reach 2.5 million hectolitres.

On a global scale, OIV figures suggest pressure on the wine supply is slightly greater than a year earlier. World production should be 6 TP3T lower than in 2013, for an estimated total of 271 million hectolitres.

However, consumption should not exceed this figure and remain around 243 million hectoliters, or around 32.3 billion bottles.

Chris Mercer

October 27, 2014


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