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Bordeaux 2010: what lies in store?

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After the 2009 vintage’s record-high release prices last year, Lix-ex suggested a few months ago that another great year – and another set of records – may be all too much for even the most dedicated Bordeaux buyers. Ancedotal reports from Liv-ex’s contacts on the ground (and from around the web) indicate, however, that the region’s latest vintage may indeed prove to be as good, or even better, than the last.

In a recent interview with Jancis Robinson, Otto Rettenmaier of Chateau La Tour Figeac declared that the 2010s have even more ageing potential than the “charming” 2009s, though the wines will not be as as approachable in their youth. He describes the vintage as more “masculine” in style, with higher levels of acidity and potentially higher levels of alcohol. (Watch the video here.) And whilst 2010 may be a very different beast, quality, he claims, is on a par with 2009.

Reports touting the vintage’s potential for greatness abound, with Simon Staples suggesting on the Berry’s Wine Blog that it could, stylistically, be “closer to 2005 than 2009 – cooler than the exuberant style of 2009”.  A few concerns have been raised regarding excessively high alcohol levels, though this will remain a question mark for now, as the critics will not rate and taste the wines until the beginning of April.

It is too early to make any real conclusions concerning quality. But should the rumours prove true, what would another golden year mean in terms of pricing? The 2009 vintages of top brands have, for the most part, seen little price movement since release. Will buyers’ pockets be deep enough for another expensive campaign? And if so, will 2010 be a profitable investment?

Source: Liv ex
9th Feb 2011

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