LC Wine Brokers

bkz-140Founded in 2006, LC Wine Brokers (LCWB) is an English company, based in the heart of London: Notting Hill. No longer valued as only a consumable product, LCWB considered the importance of Fine Wine as a tradable good.  As the Fine Wine’s market place became computerized and no longer traditional, it was essential for La Bergere to sign an exclusive agreement with LCWB to develop an analysis and evaluation of the market’s performance.

LCWB developed a IT systems unique to themselves in the wine industry, based on analytic databases used in finance. This innovative technology is dedicated solely to the wine market.

 Constantly evolving, this unique data mining system has become an essential part of the La Bergere Group. It allows for the optimization of the purchasing process, sales, management of investor assets, evaluation of wines, reporting, profitability calculations, etc…

This technology ensures that La Bergere has the capacity to monitor and track the market  at  an unprecedented level and provides for an excellent level of responsiveness and competitiveness.

Special features include:

  • Data Analysis: daily automated updates of all the suppliers as well as a market analysis on over 200M euros/day
  • Calculation of the average prices, price differences, market movement, selection of wines to buy, wines to offer, and the creation of rates and sales prices
  • Asset management
  • Investor inventory management: reports, portfolio valuation, return of investment, internal rate of return, in bond stock inventory management

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