Invest in wine

Great wines: The best alternative investment.


Wine is a tangible asset,

which gets better and worse over time. Produced in limited quantities, it represents an excellent refuge against inflation.

There is no direct link between the performance of wine and that of the financial markets or with variations in monetary currencies. It is therefore less exposed to the risk of a financial crisis such as that caused by sovereign debt defaults or the collapse of equity markets.

Wine: good performance and very solid fundamentals:

The Liv-ex 100 (benchmark index of grands crus) shows an average annual return of 12% over the last 20 years. By way of comparison, the CAC 40 posted an annual return of 6% (dividends included) over the same period, gold 6% and oil 10%. Due to its structurally very limited supply, this luxury good is driven by demand from the growing proportion of high-income classes in the world.

Invest via La Bergere Investment: 

Thanks to its teams of experts and its technical and fundamental analysis systems, La Bergère offers its clients the opportunity to invest in grands crus via an innovative model approved by the AMF (Financial Markets Authorities) which is the Heritage Cellar.


Risk factors :

Investors who choose to invest in grands crus are mainly exposed to the following risks:

  • Risk of capital loss: investment in grands crus presents no guarantee of return for investors. There is a risk of capital loss
  • Absence of liquidity: the resale of grands crus is subject to the risk of illiquidity, there will not necessarily be buyers likely to buy back the grands crus during the mandate, during the liquidation of the portfolio or when the investor wishes to resell its grand crus
  • Market risk: the market for grands crus can be more or less impacted by the international economic situation 
  • Tax risk: there is a risk of reduction or loss of the tax advantage obtained, in particular following a change in the applicable regulations
  • Transport and storage risk: LA BERGERE makes every effort to ensure optimal and secure storage of the grands crus during transport to the warehouse. Similarly, LA BERGERE has chosen a tax warehouse specializing in the storage of grands crus, committing to strict rules to allow optimal conservation of grands crus. However, both for transport and for conservation, there is a risk of deterioration of the great wines; both LA BERGERE and the EHD tax warehouse have taken out an insurance policy covering the risks in question.

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