Conditions of sale

Unless otherwise stated, the terms and conditions of sale below prevail over all other terms and conditions.


For wines that are immediately available, the price is valid according to availability. For En-Primeur wines, reference must be made to the terms and conditions indicated on the offer, according to availability. All orders are confirmed through the emailing and/or mailing of the invoice but the delivery of the order is subject to the full and entire payment of the stated price. The minimum value of an order is 1500 euros.

Conditions of payment

Our prices are stated in Euros, ex cellar and duty-free. Payment of the goods is required in full per order, either by cheque or bank transfer and must be paid within thirty days of the invoice date. No payment delays will be accepted, unless otherwise stated and authorized by La Bergère. If a customer places an order before having paid their previous order(s), La Bergère reserves the right to decline the order and/or delivery of the goods, without compensation to the customer.


All the goods are insured by our company during transit. From the date of receipt of payment, La Bergère will deliver the ordered goods. The goods will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer. Upon receipt of the wines, it is up to the addressee to check the state of the goods and to note any issues concerning broken, damaged or missing goods on the delivery slip and to inform the delivery company by recorded delivery letter within 48 hours in order to preserve their rights. After 48 hours no claims or requests will be taken into account.

En-Primeur Wines

En-Primeur wines must be reserved by deposit. Upon receipt of the order and payment, a pro-forma invoice of the wines will be mailed to the customer’s invoicing address. Once the wines become available from the Chateaux (N+2 or beginning N+3 for the N vintage), and once the order is fully paid, the wine will be delivered.

Payment delays

If the order remains unpaid at the end of the billing period, the price of the goods will incur a financial interest fixed by the French authorities. If payment has not been received after 30 days, La Bergère will either:
– Cancel the order
– Keep the order. However, in this case, the wine prices would be revised by La Bergère.


The goods remain the property of La Bergère until full payment of outstanding invoices has been received.

Cork failure and old wines

All our wines are stored under ideal conditions in our air-conditioned cellars. However, we cannot guarantee the perfect state and quality of wines older than 10 years and cannot exchange corked bottles.

Bottle descriptions, label state and level of wine

Please note that wines in original wooden cases and without any specific description are in perfect condition regarding level of wine, label, or cap. Wines that are packed in standard wooden/cardboard cases without any specific description could be slightly different from one bottle to another. For wines older than 15 years (or more) the state of the bottle corresponds to its age, and is generally comparable to the state of the bottles in the same vintage.


Our fine wines are only available to importers, distributors and private collectors. Please note that some of these wines are reserved for exclusive markets. Given their rare and speculative nature, we reserve the right to apply restrictions on availability in order to satisfy both our customers and suppliers.


French law applies the conditions of sale stated above. In case of any conflict between the two parties of the contract, the conflict would be resolved by the Trade court of Libourne.

Use of data

The information obtained on this website can be communicated externally from La Bergère unless otherwise stated by the customer. The use of this information can be made available for legal reasons or subject to regulations.

For your health

Order n°59-107 of the 7th January 1959 and law n°74-631 of the 5th July 1974 prohibit the sale of alcohol to minors less than 16 years of age. Any customer ordering wine from SARL LA BERGÈRE undertakes to be at least 16 years of age at the time of ordering. For health reasons, consume with moderation.

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