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Fine Wine: the best way to diversify your portfolio


Wine is a tangible asset,

that ameliorates and rarefies with time. Produced in limited quantities, it is an excellent safety against market inflation. There is no direct link between the performance of the wine market and that of the financial markets.  It is therefore at less of a risk to be effected by the financial crises caused by defaulted sovereign debts and the collapse of the equity markets.

Wine: market performance with strong foundations:

The Liv-ex 100 Index (index referring to fine wines) had an average annual return of 12% over the past 20 years. In comparison, the CAC 40 has an annual performance of 6% (including dividends) over the same time period, including 6% of gold and 10% oil. Due to a limited structural supply, this luxury product is driven by its demand from the growing amount of high net worth individuals in the world.

Investing with La Bergere Investment:

Along with our team of experts, technical and fundamental analysis systems, La Bergere offers their clients  investment in fine wines with an innovative model approved by the AMF’s (Autorité des Marchés Financial) Patrimonial Wealth.

Risk Factors :

Investors choosing to invest in fine wine will be primarily exposed to the following risks :

  • Risk loss of capital: investment in fine wines has no guaranteed return to investors. There is a risk of capital loss,
  • Lack of liquidity: the resale of fine wine is subject to liquidity risk, there is no guarantee that buyers exist whom are likely to buy fine wines during the liquidation of the investor’s portfolio or when the investor wishes to sell their fine wines
  • Market risk: The fine wine market can be more or less affected by international economic conditions
  • Tax risk: there is a risk of reduction or loss of the tax benefits obtained due to a change in regulations/ laws
  • Risk of transport and storage: La Bergere takes every effort to ensure optimal conservation and safety of the fine wines during their transport to the warehouse. Similarly, La Bergere chose a bonded warehouse that specializes in the storage of fine wines committing to strict rules to ensure optimal preservation of wines. However, both for transport and for conservation, there is a risk of damage; La Bergere as well as the bonded warehouse EHD, have purchased an insurance policy covering these risks.

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