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La Bergere Investment Newsletter
   December 2012

Wine Market Update

As we head into the festive month of December, the fine wine investment market has seen a successful November, with the Liv-Ex 500 ending on a positive note and a record breaking result recorded from the Hospices de Beaune auction.  Please see more information on this below. 

It has been heavily publicised throughout November that Mouton Rothschild has  experienced an increase in sales during the month, with the 1996 vintage taking centre stage.  This trend in the market has certainly been reflected at La Bergere as we have witnessed the flurry of activity over this First Growth producer. 

Liv-Ex reported at the end of the month that the lesser vintages from Lafite (01, 02, 04, 06, 07, 08) have also been on the rise in the last few months, with an increase in price of 5% since the beginning of August.  This pattern has also begun to emerge for the lesser Haut-Brion and Mouton-Rothschild vintages, with Asia’s buying presence on these wines increasing.  The thought has been that this may be a demonstration of Asia’s return to purchasing first growth wines from Bordeaux, a clear positive for the wine investment market as the consumption of wines in Asia swings the supply and demand model in favour of an increase in wine prices.

It appears from a report compiled by Rupert Miller, using statistics taken from the CIVC that it is not just the Asian market that we should be keeping an eye on.  The report looks into some of the surprising countries that have experienced growth in terms of Champagne imports over 2011.  Perhaps the most surprising of these counties were North Korea with an increase of 958% and top of the list, Puerto Rico, where there was a growth of 13358%.  These percentages seem astronomical but it must be considered that in some cases it only takes an influx of a couple of hundred more bottle to produce such numbers.  However, the report does highlight that there are some countries previously unconsidered that are taking to the consumption of fine wines, resulting in a positive push of higher prices for the investment market.



Hospices de Beaune 2012 – A Record Breaking Year

The Hopsices de Beaune is a charity wine auction held on the premises of the alms house of the same name in Beaune, France.  Its takes place on the third Sunday in November, amid the three day Les Trois Glorieuses festival which is devoted to the food and wines of Burgundy.  The Hospices de Beaune owns around 61 hectares of donated vineyard, much of this classified as Grand and  Premieur  Cru and buyers bid on the 31 red and white cuvees obtained from these vineyards to raise money for charities. 
The auction has been run by Christie’s since 2005 which has dramatically increased the profile of the sale.  2012 proved to be the most successful year to date with the total of  5,909,276 euros raised, beating the previous record set in 2000.  This year also saw a new Grand Cru cuvee offered due to a recent donation from the Cote de Nuits which raised 300,000 euros from the sale of six barrels.  The highest bid of the weekend was placed by Igor Iankovskyi from the Ukraine who purchased a 350 litre barrel of  Corton Grand Cru Charlotte Dumay cuvée for 270,000 euros.

This record breaking auction spells out good news for the impending 2012 vintage as the  trend of the Hospices de Beaune is often regarded as an indicator for the success of a vintage.  This is confirmed by the words of Anthony Hanson, Master of Wine and a senior consultant for Christie’s who claims that ‘the superb quality of the 2012 vintage wines, combined with the reduced quantity and the progression of demand for great Burgundy in many countries, not just Asia contributed to this astonishing, record result’.

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