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Té Bheag – Blended Scotch Whisky**

    Pronounced “chey vek“, Té Bheag means «the little lady» and also “a wee dram“ in colloquial Gaelic. It has a niche image as a connoisseurs’blended whisky with a high malt content (+35%). It is the only unchillfiltered blended whisky actively marketed.


    Fresh, with a citrus note, good richness, a delicate peatiness, and a little touch of cereal.


    Weighty, slightly creamy, a good touch of liquorice with a toffee-like richness and a delicate peaty note.


    Of good length, with a rich soft spirited character


    Prabàn Na Linne: In 1976, Sir Iain Noble set up a whisky company to help create employment on the Isle of Skye and to provide an authentic whisky for the Gaelic speaking islands of Scotland. This company is one of the few remaining independent businesses in the Scotch Whisky industry


    IWSC Silver 2011, IWSC Silver 2012, IWSC Gold 2009.

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